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Welcome to the Whirligig Message Board. This is the forum to discuss 1950's television and radio in Britain. You can ask questions about the programmes, try answering other people's queries or just tell us all about your nostalgic memories

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Storey 1936-2005

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offline rpken2000


Super Turnip

Re: Hearing the words!
Tue, 1-Aug-17 18:48:11
Sat, 14-Oct-06 2994

offline Mr Turnip


Techie Turnip

Re: taping the audio of the telly - when did it start??
Sat, 29-Jul-17 16:59:44
Fri, 17-May-02 3642
Re: Film Logos
Wed, 26-Jul-17 04:51:53
Wed, 17-May-17 2
Re: Oh Boy!
Sat, 22-Jul-17 22:57:58
Wed, 19-Jun-13 32
Re: BBC Pay List
Sat, 22-Jul-17 16:57:14
Sat, 20-Jun-09 144

offline Wendy Stevenson


Super Turnip

Re: BBC's Latest Spin
Thu, 20-Jul-17 09:17:57
Sun, 3-Aug-03 37857
Re: Dr Who Hoo !
Sun, 16-Jul-17 18:44:38
Sat, 29-Jun-13 51
Re: Like The Buses
Sun, 16-Jul-17 14:13:22
Wed, 18-Feb-04 290
311 - The Night Is Young (2017)
Thu, 6-Jul-17 19:26:32
Tue, 2-Jul-13 2148
Re: Spare Tyre
Thu, 29-Jun-17 16:12:54
Mon, 13-Nov-06 2349
Re: Junior Express: 5 a side football comp
Thu, 29-Jun-17 08:32:56
Tue, 7-Mar-17 2
Re: Worker's playtime
Thu, 29-Jun-17 04:42:51
Sun, 30-Jan-05 822
Re: Manchester Bombing
Sat, 17-Jun-17 01:00:35
Mon, 10-Jan-11 14

offline axis61


Super Turnip

Re: How are you all its being a while
Tue, 13-Jun-17 05:32:32
Thu, 7-Nov-02 668
Re: This very rare film from 1956....
Fri, 2-Jun-17 22:15:04
Sat, 20-May-17 5
Re: Gone But Not Forgotten.
Fri, 2-Jun-17 07:03:19
Sun, 13-Mar-16 44
Re: King Charlesa 111
Sun, 28-May-17 02:22:05
Mon, 30-Oct-06 691
Re: The Birth of the Carry on Film
Sun, 28-May-17 01:43:42
Sat, 27-May-17 4
Reluctant Heroes 1951
Thu, 11-May-17 18:41:33
Sat, 8-Nov-14 20
Re: Ruby Murray
Mon, 24-Apr-17 07:48:53
Mon, 9-Dec-02 243

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