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Welcome to the Whirligig Message Board. This is the forum to discuss 1950's television and radio in Britain. You can ask questions about the programmes, try answering other people's queries or just tell us all about your nostalgic memories

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Storey 1936-2005

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Re: national service
Fri, 9-Sep-16 21:39:57
Mon, 12-Aug-02 102
Re: BBC sit com celebration!
Wed, 31-Aug-16 05:29:20
Tue, 27-Aug-13 2173
Re: Ray Fell
Mon, 15-Aug-16 20:41:48
Mon, 15-Aug-16 1
Just joined the site to-night
Thu, 11-Aug-16 21:22:00
Thu, 11-Aug-16 1
Re: Marie Benson
Sat, 30-Jul-16 16:45:12
Mon, 9-Dec-02 242
Re: Marie Benson
Tue, 26-Jul-16 06:27:01
Tue, 26-Jul-16 1
Re: Marie Benson
Sun, 17-Jul-16 02:36:48
Sun, 17-Jul-16 1
Re: Carroll Levis Discoveries
Mon, 11-Jul-16 10:20:37
Mon, 11-Jul-16 1
Re: Life with the Lyons questions
Sat, 11-Jun-16 20:39:20
Sat, 11-Jun-16 3
Re: Knee Deep in the Blues
Sat, 11-Jun-16 11:30:00
Mon, 14-Dec-15 64
Re: The Barrow Poets
Wed, 8-Jun-16 17:27:21
Wed, 8-Jun-16 1
Derek Bond
Sun, 22-May-16 13:14:01
Thu, 2-Oct-08 19
Re: Patti Brook and Carol Deene
Sat, 7-May-16 12:00:11
Sat, 7-May-16 1
Re: Ruby Murray
Mon, 2-May-16 18:37:15
Sun, 12-Jun-05 50
Re: Ruby Murray
Fri, 29-Apr-16 22:51:22
Sun, 2-Nov-08 34
Re: Winkin' Blinkin' and Nod
Wed, 27-Apr-16 12:42:53
Wed, 27-Apr-16 2
Just joined.
Mon, 25-Apr-16 22:29:46
Mon, 25-Apr-16 3
Re: Vent acts
Thu, 7-Apr-16 15:25:52
Thu, 7-Apr-16 1
Re: Cinema Orgam memorabilia free to someone that can pick up from Derby
Wed, 6-Apr-16 15:28:59
Tue, 5-Apr-16 2
Re: The Commer Van and other things on wheels
Sun, 3-Apr-16 18:35:05
Wed, 4-Jun-14 16

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